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Quick guide: Once at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution and also the cotton industry, Manchester was the winner in the recent race for Britain’s first super casino site (though that decision is now in doubt). Its sporting pedigree is well documented, being home to two Premiership football teams and a leading county cricket team (Lancashire). It also hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games, which was widely lauded for its organisation and overall success. It has the fifth lowest life expectancy for anywhere in the UK, but a resolutely young population which is in part due to its two major universities and many educational institutions.

Although the percentage of the population which holds NVQ level four qualifications or above is higher than the national average, Manchester also has the fourth worst success rate in England for pupils achieving five GCSEs at grades A to C, including maths and English, chalking up a lowly 29 per cent on the blackboard.

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Del, Lincs posted 16 hours ago

When I looked for a place to rent in Manchester you didn't ask "have you been broken in to?", you asked "How many times a year do you get broken in to?"! I think that says it all.

Kathrun, Manchester posted 1 day ago

It is the same person who keeps trying to put Manchester down just using different names. Even Kirsty said that our city simply does not deserve to be in the 20 worst but as we are a big city it means we will have high crime and high pollution. Manchester - Britain's Second City.

matthew posted 1 day ago

love manchester, moved here 4 years ago from sheffield and i'll never go back.
manchester rocks!

northerner posted 1 day ago

isnt it funny how every one of u who have had nothing but bad things to say about such a fantastic city famous for many many things are not saying where u live/come from ! ! !

Netty posted 1 day ago

Manchester is brilliant. Amazing people, great shopping, many links to surrounding areas. Yeah, there are a few bad eggs but ALL big cities have that!! Even Surrey!!
Home of SO many famous people and lots of investments in the town.
Nice to see Manc up from 10th last year!!

Des posted 1 day ago

Manchester is the car jacking capital of the UK, it also has more gun crime than Liverpool. Terrible place.

Tilly posted 1 day ago

AWFULLLLLLLLLLL! and should have been worst place to live in UK!

richard posted 1 day ago

It is terrible